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What is HNI Database?

The HNI Database contains the list of high net worth individuals from metro cities and popular areas across the country. We have the records of HNI clients in a listing form and you can also download a sample database. We offer best quality, complete, and up-to-date records. Our executives ensure accuracy every time. Our HNI database is a premium product where you can also find HNI clients in India.

What is included in HNI Database?

The list of HNI database includes different fields according to your unique needs and categories like name, email, address, mobile, with state and city, income etc. You can opt for HNI database on the basis of city or state.

Why Do You Need HNI Database?

Are you promoting any product or service or your business and want to reach customers who might be interested in your products? You shouldn’t randomly call anyone as it can be the waste of efforts and time and it will also affect your company’s image and sales. To make promotion faster, you should choose the right customer from the list found in HNI database. Promote the product on the basis of available data to boost the process and improve sales.

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Who are HNI Customers or Clients?
In the HNI Clients Database, the individuals who are usually quoted are someone or customers who have good amount of wealth and are good investors with spending power. These people are generally good to target rather than non HNI customers. They usually invest in real estate, insurance, healthcare, high ROI investments, and realtors. You may achieve success with a professional meet-up with high net worth individuals or HNI. You can find the contact details of those clients in our HNI database. We have the HNI list of networks, investors and services. We offer good quality HNI database for your marketing and business.

At Database Providers Online, we are offering HNI Database to serve various industries, such as Investment, Real Estate, Personal Care, Health Care, and various Luxury Products. We cover popular and major cities of the country for HNI database, including Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai. We have records of verified emails and mobile numbers to help you reach out to HNI clients.

Who Should Use HNI Database?

✅ Any financial institutions and banks for offering services like NRI accounts, fixed deposits, etc.
✅ Real estate developers for selling their properties in new-launch projects
✅ Insurance companies for selling various types of insurance for families and individuals
✅ Agencies authorized by leading automobile brands can use it as their marketing strategy.
✅ Real estate consultants can use HNI database as a great investment base.
✅ Investment companies to showcase several investment options to their clients.

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City/State Wise HNI Databases# no of (Record)Price
Mumbai HNI Database (Maharashtra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Delhi HNI Database (Delhi)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Bangalore HNI Database (Karnataka)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Chennai HNI Database (Tamil Nadu)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Kolkata HNI Database (West Bengal)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Hyderabad HNI Database (Andra Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Pune HNI Database (Maharastra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Thane HNI Database (Maharastra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Surat HNI Database (Gujarat)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Lucknow HNI Database (Uttar Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Jaipur HNI Database (Rajasthan)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Indore HNI Database (Madhya Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Gurgaon HNI Database (Haryana)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Chandigarh HNI Database (Haryana)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Noida HNI Database (Uttar Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Nagpur HNI Database (Maharashtra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Coimbatore HNI Database (Tamil Nadu)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Ludhiana HNI Database (Punjab)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Nashik HNI Database (Maharastra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Bhopal HNI Database (Madhya Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Varanasi HNI Database (Uttar Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Allahabad HNI Database (Uttar Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Kochi HNI Database (Kerala)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Jodpur HNI Database (Rajasthan)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Udaipur HNI Database (Rajasthan)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Kanpur HNI Database (Uttar Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Lonavala HNI Database (Maharashtra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Ranchi HNI Database (Jharkhand)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Mysore HNI Database (Karnataka )1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Jhansi HNI Database (Uttar Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Gwalior HNI Database (Madhya Pradesh)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Kochi HNI Database (Kerala)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Solapur HNI Database (Maharashtra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-
Aurangabad HNI Database (Maharashtra)1 Lac (Rec)RS. 5000/-

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